RCV Oregon Changes Name, Expands Mission



RCV Oregon has changed its name from Ranked Choice Voting for Oregon to Real Choice Voting for Oregon and expanded its mission to include promotion of proportional representation election methods and consideration of the new STAR Voting concept.

Early this year we offered a proposal to use ranked choice voting for the election to one or more statewide offices. This idea was postponed upon request until funding was secured for implementation of ranked choice voting in Benton County, which passed an RCV initiative last year.

Meanwhile the STAR Voting concept was introduced to our discussions and much attention was given to the relative merits of STAR voting as compared to the instant runoff form of ranked choice voting. Participants did not reach consensus on these issues and separate STAR voting and instant runoff campaigns have been initiated in Lane County and the Portland area.

Alan Zundel of RCV Oregon has recently been looking into Mixed-Member Election Systems, which combine elements of the single-member plurality election method, used in most U.S. elections, and proportional representation. He will very soon be presenting a proposal to bring a mixed-member system to elections for the Oregon legislature.

The institution of a mixed-member election system will not preclude the future application of either instant runoff or STAR voting for election of legislators from Senate or Assembly districts. It also does not require any change of vote tabulation technology and will not entail longer and more complicated ballots.

Details will follow in another blog post later today.

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