Oregon Voting Reform Summer Update


Efforts toward voting reform here in Oregon have slowed down for the summer, but they have not stopped. They should soon pick up again as fall approaches.

State Representative Dan Rayfield reports that the state budget which passed in the recently adjourned legislature did not provide money to implement ranked choice voting in Benton County. However, he expressed optimism that funding may be secured in the 2018 short session. Rayfield was one of the co-sponsors of the successful initiative campaign to bring ranked choice voting to the election of Benton County Commissioners.

In Portland the RCV PDX group continues to hold meetings and has been distributing informational flyers. They are seeking volunteers and funding for an initiative campaign to bring a proportional representation form of ranked choice voting to City Council elections.

The campaign to bring STAR Voting to Multnomah County elections met in June and gave presentations to the Helpers United Showcase and the Portland Startup Weekend. A companion effort in central Oregon to bring STAR Voting to Lane County is also planning to move forward in the fall.

Mark Frohnmayer reports that, in addition to the two county campaigns, he is actively planning a statewide initiative campaign to bring STAR Voting to all state elections. The target is to get the initiative on the November 2018 ballot. Mark intends to put some of his own money into the STAR Voting campaigns to kick them off.

On another front, David Delk of the Progressive Party is spearheading an effort to bring a campaign finance initiative to the same November 2018 ballot. It would amend the Oregon Constitution to permit regulation of campaign donations and expenditures for any election campaigns in Oregon.

Hope you getting some fun and relaxation into your summer, as soon there will be a lot of work for you to help with!

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